Governance responsibility at vivenu

We conform to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards.

Following the rules is the hallmark of good corporate citizenship. At vivenu, we always make sure to be fully compliant with all applicable legal and ethical rule frameworks. Strong internal measures, structures, and processes underpin this commitment, ensuring radical transparency and compliance at all times. A rigorous customer vetting process ensures that we stick to the highest standards in all our dealings.

Highest Ethical Standards

Our team members are not only uniquely qualified for their roles, but also have a demonstrated track record of ethical behavior and judgement in all their commercial dealings. We have instituted a zero-tolerance approach to unethical behavior.

Highest Governance Standards

Clear accountability and transparency are the north star for all decisions, processes, and projects – both strategic and tactical – that form our company. To achieve this, we have built processes that make these priorities actionable for all of our team members.


vivenu and its local entities comply with all applicable laws and regulations without fail. Being a responsible corporate citizen includes scrupulously observing the rules, so we are committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance in all our dealings.

Below are some of the specific measures we’ve already taken or are actively implementing to ensure such standards.

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Agile Working Policy

We have implemented sprints and constant feedback loops to catch trouble instantly.

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CSR Workshops

We drive awareness for our responsibility through regular, interactive workshops.

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Cooperation on Highest Ethical Standards

We partner with organizations committed to the highest compliance and transparency standards.

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Company Echos (Feedback Calls)

We host regular sessions where leadership receives candid, actionable feedback from their teams.

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Our travel policy ensures we use the company’s resources in full compliance with our commitments.

How we contribute

How we measure our success as a responsible company.

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    Ecological impact, responsible consumption, resource management.

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    Fairness and equal opportunity, gender equality, diversity, and health.

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    Highest ethical and corporate governance standards.

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