Ticketing. Supercharged.

Meet the unified ticketing platform that lets you manage, market and analyze your ticket sales effortlessly. Reinvent your ticketing with built-in simplicity, infinite scalability and all the tools you need to make creating your digital experiences joyful.

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Independent, now and forever

You and you alone should own your ticketing operations. Don't let the profiteers dictate what you can and, even worse, can't do.

Endlessly customizable

You know best what you need in a ticketing solution – make it a reality with our powerful, unified platform.

Infinite scalability

We are made to make your life easier – whether you host events for a hundred people or hundreds of thousands. With vivenu, you can do both and everything in-between.

A joy to use

Ticketing should be as exciting and as joyful as going to the event itself. We have built a thoughtful, intuitive UI and intelligent functionalities that make sure it is.

Ticketing can be so much more.
We make sure it is.

You deserve more than the status quo. Claim all of your revenue and customer data, free yourself from tedious workflows and fully own your ticketing experience. With our self-empowering platform you take back full control.

Complexity, simplified

No matter how elaborate, with vivenu's platform you can cut through the complexity of all your requirements and finally make your projects manageable with ease.

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Working with vivenu: The Schalke 04 experience

Everything that you need to create one-off experiences and more


Truly personalize your ticket shops and booking streaks, with countless customizations and unlimited capabilities.

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Easily manage your entire ticketing with our full-service platform and level up your operations.

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Analyze & market

Get the bird's eye view and drill down using always-on analytic functionalities to sell more tickets.

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Create and manage all your channels and contingents in one place and free yourself from annoying manual processes.

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Create one-off experiences by building on top of vivenu's powerful API or integrating precisely the tools you love.

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A powerful API to enable what's next

Go even further and get from 99 to 100% – with fully immersive solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs. With the vivenu API, we enable you to shift the boundaries of ticketing and build true one-of-one solutions.

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You expect your internet connection to be fast as lightning – and it's enraging when it isn't. So why settle for a ticketing solution that is still stuck in the dial-up era? Welcome to the ultimate platform for the digital age. Book your personal demo today – we have a feeling you'll love what we have to show you!