22 Jul 2022 • 6 minute read

Why Openness is the Future of Ticketing

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Behind the scenes of the ticketing industry, a quiet revolution has been brewing for quite some time. It is a revolution that has swept over countless other industries over the last few years – and is just now starting to filter through into the event ticketing industry. Embraced by the most iconic and technology-forward brands from sports to entertainment and beyond, they all know that platforms are the key to commercial success in a connected future.

Building on the emergence of category leaders for everything from customer relationship management to data analytics, many of the world’s biggest organizers have already realized that monolithic software solutions are simply not sustainable if they want to continue to drive their business forward. Instead, they are relying on those solutions that are the best in their specific part of the digital value chain – also known as true best-of-breed solutions.

Best-of-breed software vendors allow for seamless integration with other products that, just like theirs, are the best in a specific part of the value chain. Native integrations and powerful connectors are key to delivering top performance, enabling users to combine sophisticated digital value chains that deliver true connectivity and drive revenue.

For legacy solutions, this new world poses a threat to their business model. Over the years, they have built solutions that cover every part of the value chain just enough to be usable. With the rise of best-of-breed solutions, the individual parts of their solutions can’t compete anymore – and organizers are starting to realize just how much these antiquated solutions are holding them back!

Driving Openness with Integrations

At vivenu, we know that for every part of the digital value chain, there are specialist solution providers out there whose people have spent just as much time and care building the perfect tool for their use case as we have for ticketing. By integrating with many of them, we have seen firsthand how much value they provide to organizers with smart, effective ways of doing things. Therefore, we are eager to make sure that organizers can easily combine the best ticketing solution with all the other category-leading solutions out there to build impactful digital value chains.

How do we make sure they can? For starters, vivenu offers dozens of integrations with other category leaders across analytics, access control, CRM, and other categories. In close collaboration with our customers, we add new integrations every month that ensure workflows are efficient, data flows freely, and vivenu customers benefit from the highest standards across platforms.

Making Openness Seamless with the vivenu Marketplace

Integrations with the vivenu platform are available on our dedicated marketplace. Organizers looking for the right tool to solve their individual challenges simply find the integration in the marketplace, install it with one click, and can start using the integration right from the dashboard. Over time, they build out highly individual solution ecosystems on the vivenu platform that are just right for them – and can rest easy knowing that whatever challenge comes next, they will find the right application to solve right in their ticketing solution. With that, vivenu enables organizers to focus on what they do best: Organizing great events, while we make sure their ticketing runs smoothly – now and in the future.

Going Beyond: The vivenu API

That being said, we wouldn’t be the first choice for some of the largest and most sophisticated organizers in the world if we didn’t offer them the ability to realize their wildest ideas and build truly bespoke solutions that are just perfect for their specific use cases. This is what our API is built for: Utilize the capabilities of the vivenu platform to create unique solutions.

If we have learned anything from the Covid years, it is that the future is hardly predictable. The same is true of technology: bursts of innovation can upend entire markets in a few years and force rapid adaptation across the board. We have built vivenu to make sure organizers on the platform can utilize additional solutions with open interfaces – not only for today’s leading solutions but also those that will push entire industries forward in the future! In this way, vivenu gives organizers the flexibility they need as the world changes, rooted in technology leadership and continuous innovation.

We are certain that embracing connectivity will make all the difference for organizers in the future – and that the outcome is going to be binary. Those who don’t embrace best-of-breed digital value chains will see their prospects sink, together with their technological infrastructure. Those who do, on the other hand, are going to thrive, unlocking significant value for their guests and their business in the process.

Get ahead of the curve and talk to us to find out how vivenu can supercharge your ticketing vivenu.com/contact.

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