12 Jul 2022 • 3 minute read

Introducing Multi-Event Checkout

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Today, we are launching Multi-Event Checkout. The value-add for organizers is in the name: many organizers on the vivenu platform put on multiple events (think soccer clubs with 20 games per season or opera houses with more than 100 showings annually) – and have guests who know they want to attend at least a couple of these.

For ticket buyers, purchasing all these tickets would traditionally require them to navigate to all events individually – and go through the checkout process again and again for each event.

This results in frustration for ticket buyers – and, ultimately, lost revenue for organizers.

Multi-Event Checkout: Enhancing the Buyer Experience, Maintaining Organizer Discretion

With Multi-Event Checkout, the ticket buying experience for multiple events becomes more efficient and intuitive than ever before: Buyers can fill their cart with tickets to all the events they want to attend – and can check out all tickets at once!

Let’s say you are a massive fan of a soccer club and already know the five games you definitely want to attend in the next season. With Multi-Event Checkout by vivenu, you have presented one unified checkout for all these events. By removing friction and unnecessary steps, ticket buyers get to their goal faster – and increase average basket sizes as they understand how effortless the process of purchasing multiple tickets can be.

We have also added the ability to remove individual tickets from events in the Multi-Event Checkout cart, so ticket buyers can intuitively update their purchases for individual events without aborting the entire transaction.

For organizers, we have loaded this optional feature with many more management capabilities that greatly enhance its utility beyond the mechanism itself:

Multi-Event Checkouts make it easy to create rule-based incentives for multiple ticket purchases and promotions that drive customer loyalty. For example, if a fan purchases three games for the same season in one checkout, you can reward them with merchandise or discounts for a fourth game, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will buy that fourth game in the same session, too.

Of course, all the other features that organizers love about vivenu’s checkout are still part of the Multi-Event Checkout: From countless options for customization to the most effortless setup and administration, they are all there, ensuring organizers have a great experience both selling and managing their tickets.

Want to see the Multi-Event Checkout in action? Check out tickets.schalke04.de to see how one of Europe’s top soccer clubs uses the feature to drive fan satisfaction and engagement.


Interested to see how vivenu can level up your ticketing with seamless checkouts for multiple events? Head over to vivenu.com/contact and make an appointment with one of our experts today!

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