3 Feb 2022 • 2 minute read

Introducing Custom Domains

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Stylized webpage screenshot with text "tickets.yourdomain.com" in URL bar

Today, we are launching one of the most exciting features in global ticketing: Welcome to Custom Domains.

Now you can assign your ticket shops to any domain you own. Set up your domain in seconds in our dashboard and rock your sales with fully branded, completely immersive ticketing experiences for your guests.

A big part of why organizers choose vivenu is the many ways our platform enables them to sell tickets without compromising their brand: With modal and iFrame integrations, countless customization options for ticket shops, and many more features, vivenu is already doing a lot to enable unparalleled branded ticketing.

Now, we are taking this commitment one step further: Using Custom Domains, you can now freely choose, set up, and use a custom prefix to your existing domains – and run your ticket shop on this dedicated URL.

Instead of having to force your customers to go to a separate domain where they can then purchase their tickets, you can now handle the entire ticketing journey on your own domain, thereby increasing purchase completion rates and ensuring a more immersive digital experience.

In addition, you also reap the benefits of analytics, getting deep insights into your customers to the last conversion point with monitoring and analytics powered by Google and a host of other options. All this is native to Custom Domains from day one.

And even if you operate multiple events under different brands, this feature enables you to create prefixes for a number of different domains, so your individual brands never get diluted.

The best comes last: With Custom Domains, you are benefiting from all advantages of running on the vivenu platform, such as world-class reliability, free performance optimizations, and enhanced content delivery across geographies. No need to worry about uptime and scalability ever again!

The Custom Domains feature is available on the vivenu platform today. If you have any questions about how to use this feature, please talk to your Customer Success Specialist.

If you are not a customer yet, talk to Sales to find out how Custom Domains and other vivenu features can help you to optimize your ticketing.

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