Your capacity: maxed out.
Your ticketing: not breaking a sweat.

Become the main act of your show – with the scalable vivenu platform for the entertainment industry that lets you fully own your customers. Gain from full data independence and effective marketing campaigns

Tell greedy profiteers to get off the stage

Your events draw ever-bigger crowds – but what do you really know about your visitors? In the status quo, you have limited access to the data that really matters and others are reaping the benefits. And let's not even talk about the scourge of secondary markets and inflated promises about ticket sales that hurt your ability to compete. No more! Take back control and emancipate your ticketing!

Ticketing that is fun
and convinces customers

Independence, now and forever

Don't let ticketing providers and marketplaces dictate what you can and can't do. Instead, work and sell on your own terms.

It's your show

Don't let anybody else set the constraints for what you can build for your event and create without limits.

Win more with data

vivenu gives you full access to marketing and sales statistics, including marketing channel analysis, so you can win even more customers with data-driven marketing campaigns that really move the needle.

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Get your ticketing in the spotlight and truly amaze your crowds with powerful branded experiences

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Nobody can tell you what you can and cannot do – take back ticketing independence with vivenu.

Omni-channel distribution

Sell tickets across all channels, right from the vivenu platform.

Powerful, actionable analytics

Know your fans and increase campaign efficiency with full-fledged data access.

Higher conversion rates

With our highly customizable, intuitive check-out flows and savvy integrations, vivenu helps you convert more fans into buyers.

Premium Support

Customer Success that deserves its name

Rely on our customer success managers, service partners and consultants and their dedicated industry experience to make the most out of your ticketing.

Make ticketing part of the fan experience

Build truly immersive ticket shops – with a powerful editor to customize every aspect of the experience to be in sync with your color scheme, tone of voice, and aesthetics.

Built-in scalability

Even with hundreds of thousands of people accessing your shop at the same, the vivenu platform is designed to not only work but truly thrives under extreme peak loads.

Control all your sales

With vivenu's integrated secondary market feature, you make sure that unused tickets and their distribution stay in your control, and unlock huge revenue potentials.

It's your event – elevate it with ticketing as independent as you

Make your events even better with full access to your customers' data and give them an experience to remember. Break free from the status quo and schedule a call with our experts today.