Our Values

At vivenu, we started with a bold vision - To finally transform the global ticketing industry for good. We are relentless in challenging the status quo and never settle in order to achieve the 100x for ticket sellers worldwide.

We believe that only brilliant people operating in an ambitious and empowering culture can achieve what has never been achieved before. Our values below define how we operate as a company and grow as people. They shape our operating model and define how we communicate, provide feedback, develop as a team and promote internally.

Be relentless

We set and exceed the most ambitious goals. We believe that there is no boundary that cannot be torn down. We never set ourselves limits and never settle for what was already achieved. We always grow from there.

We challenge each other. We listen to others, rethink the status quo and discover better approaches. We never settle for good and keep pushing ourselves and others in our team. Therefore we improve day by day and constantly outgrow ourselves.

We are focused on our global mission to create unique experiences worldwide. From there on we only push harder to celebrate the next wins and achievements.

Deliver the 100x

We engage our customers like our lives depend on it and want our product to feel indispensable. We are committed to delivering long-term successes and treating customer data with the highest respect.

We work hard on providing our customers with a 100x better product experience and a 100x better way to manage, market, and sell tickets.

We believe product excellence comes from tenacious curiosity. Building out leading experiences worldwide we are driven by the goal of providing ticket sellers full independence and a way to work fully self-empowered.

Get it done

We get things done and deliver on our promises. We execute rigorously on our tasks. We know that team members and customers count on us and we never let them down. We do it to deliver on a mission, not to rest.

We care about results and love to see our achievements in action. We are driven by a mission and determined in delivering as we know that so many people around the world depend on it.

We believe that clear KPIs help to ensure that we all understand our goals and how we can contribute to our mission. We love to win and believe that determination gets you there.

Keep growing

We recognize that challenging each other is essential to grow together and deliver the best outcomes. We are radically transparent and truthful about each other’s work.

We are energy givers, not takers. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence, think rigorously, and have an insatiable need to learn and grow.

We don’t settle for mediocre and would always choose a smaller team of dedicated, passionate, and ambitious people over a larger team of average players. We take great pride in finding and leading brilliant people and work hard on ourselves to grow as a team as well as individuals.