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Sell your tickets everywhere and cut out third parties. Deliver the best ticketing experience with our omni-channel sales platform and make sure profiteers don't get another unearned cent of your revenue.

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Don't settle for inefficiency

Create and manage all your sales channels and contingents in one place and free yourself from annoying manual processes and calls to customer support. Use our omni-channels sales tool to streamline all your sales on one platform and get an always-current overview of everything that is going on in your ticketing operations.

Engage your customers on all channels

There is no ticket buyer that you shouldn't know, no matter where and how you sell your tickets. Don't lose data, engagement and money to profiteers that don't provide value – instead, empower your ticketing and sell to them directly.

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Go from 99% to 100% with our API

API Benefit from our open platform and start selling omni-channel. In case you want to further distribute your sales efforts and go the extra mile, the vivenu API gives you all the opportunities you need to unlock unlimited opportunities for your ticketing distribution.

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