Don't lose sight of your tickets and own your secondary market

Unlock gigantic revenue streams and collect valuable data by using our integrated secondary market features. Introduce a secure and convenient way for your ticket buyers to resell their tickets.

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Introduce a better way of reselling tickets

Let fans resell tickets on your own platform and unlock new revenue streams, with vivenu's secure way to transfer tickets preventing fraudulent and illegal resells. Gain full control over all transactions and collect comprehensive data of all customers - even in the once-impenetrable secondary market.

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Invitation Management

Invite guests via secret shops or with our invitation management tools

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Omni-channel Sales

The days of distributed sales are long over, welcome to omni-channel ticketing

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Point of Sale

Extend your reach and efficiently sell your remaining stock at the POS

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Secondary Market

Let your buyers securely sell their tickets on an integrated secondary market and generate additional revenues

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Make the secondary market a primary revenue driver

Make the cash register ring at every transaction and prevent your ticket buyers from buying fraudulent tickets for rip-off prices. Contact our experts today for a better way of managing secondary market transactions.