The seat map software you always wanted

Event organizers around the world were forced to rely on clunky back-end systems and beg customer support to process simple changes to their seat maps for far too long. Leave the slog behind you and get the seat map upgrade you deserve.

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Go from clenched fists to high fives with your team

Tired of inflexible seat map designers - if there even is one? Draw fully interactive seat maps in minutes and adjust them on the fly. Inspect and manage your seats and provide outstanding experiences with our intuitive platform.

Seat map technology that is built to scale

From the cozy pub to the largest stadiums in the world, we've got you covered. Use our designers to create your venues with ease. We are cloud native and our infrastructure is built to scale – no matter the load, we always provide smooth experiences for your buyers.

Build anticipation online

"Sorry, this seat is already taken" – probably not the first time you heard something similar to this, right? We are the first ticketing solution to provide dynamic seating that really deserves its name: With seats being reserved the moment your customers click on them. Get your fans in the stadium spirit on your booking page and see their excitement grow.

Perks and features

  • Avoid orphan seats

    Empty single seats are a nightmare for organizers worldwide – our smart algorithms help prevent them.

  • Reserve and block

    Manage your seatmap contingents with ease by reserving and blocking seats and sections.

  • Prevent double bookings

    Real-time updates ensure that seats cannot be booked twice.

  • Deliver astonishing experiences

    Display all sorts of immersive and responsive charts, optimized for mobile and desktop.

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Powerful Dashboards

Get full access to your shops in seconds

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Supercharged Operations

Boost your efficiency by becoming self-empowered

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Contingent Management

Manage your contingents with ease

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Customer Management

Drive data-based fan engagement

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Pioneering Seatmaps

Excel in Real-time Seating

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Set the stage for real-time seat map management

Using a beeper when you can have the latest iPhone would be completely unreasonable. So why settle for seat map technology that is still stuck in the beeper era? Welcome to the ultimate seat map management tools for the digital new era. Book your personal demo today – We have a feeling you'll love what we have to show you!