Complexity, Simplified

Manage all aspects of your ticketing with our full-service platform and empower your operations. No more tedious back and forth with your account manager. No more overwhelming complexity.

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Welcome to the new digital era

Don't get hung up on interfaces from the 90s. vivenu was designed to make your workflows so easy and intuitive that you can execute even the most complex tasks with ease. Managing your ticketing operations should be a breeze – with our platform it finally is.

A platform made for the users

You shouldn't have to do the annoying dance with account management whenever you want to make a slight change. With vivenu's powerful features, you don't have to. Instead, we give you the tools to manage all aspects of your ticketing in one place – endlessly customizable and built to the specifications of ticketing managers just like you.

Cut through the complexity of your unique use cases with our powerful API

With our full-service platform, we already cover even the most complex use cases and scenarios. But if you want to go the extra mile and build a true one-of-one solution, the vivenu API gives you all the tools you need to create whatever you need to solve your specific problem.

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