Powerful invitation management that takes you from middle of the pack to front runner

Invitation management should be fun. With vivenu, you can finally master your event promotion, guest lists, free tickets and invites hassle-free. Provide your guests with one-off experiences and stop wasting your time on manual processes.

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Master your invitation management

9 out of 10 ticket sellers we talked to struggle with managing invitations and guest lists while staying on top of their contingents. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you to decide if and and for how long you want to block or reserve contingents. Leave the mess behind you and build confidence in your contingent management.

  • Affiliate Tools

    Convert your most passionate fans to ambassadors, increase awareness both online and offline and ultimately boost your sales.

  • Guest Lists

    Guest lists reimagined. Bin antiquated hand-written guest lists and finally connect your guest list to your ticketing platform.

  • Invitiations

    Excite your guests by sending out customized invitations to your next event – with unique rebates geared to your use case.

  • Free tickets

    Manage, access and send free tickets at scale while keeping full customizability. With vivenu you can manage all distribution channels in one platform.

  • Explore all the benefits

    Invitation Management

    Invite guests via secret shops or with our invitation management tools

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    Omni-channel Sales

    The days of distributed sales are long over, welcome to omni-channel ticketing

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    Point of Sale

    Extend your reach and efficiently sell your remaining stock at the POS

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    Secondary Market

    Let your buyers securely sell their tickets on an integrated secondary market and generate additional revenues

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    Tired of messy manual processes? Rise above them and start smart promoting and inviting today.

    With elegant invitation management and sleek functionality, vivenu makes guest handling and promotion easy and fun. Schedule a free product demo today to find out how it works.