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Learned to work around tedious workflows and unacceptable service quality? At vivenu, customer success is about you, not us! We do our best when empowering you to create what you need in the way you need it.

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We know that you face hard deadlines. That's why our customer success team prepares bespoke support during your key sales and event cycle stages – and is available around-the-clock to ensure swift responses any time during the day, no matter the question.

Empowering services

We have built what other customers have described as "the smoothest onboarding experience I've ever seen" and ensure you hit the ground running and achieve your desired outcomes. We heavily focus on the individuality of use-cases and needs – and design thorough workflows and plans for you. Our extensive knowledge base supports you in getting even more out of the vivenu platform.

Your data, unleashed

Finally get access to your data and unlock a new level of fan engagement. Our data-based recommendations and the vivenu expert team enable you to get more done faster.

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  • Managed ticket buyer support
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