Make tally lists and manual blocking a thing of the past

Global ticket sellers use vivenu to manage all their complex inventory needs. With intuitive contingent management tools that just get out of the way, ticket managers can focus on what they do best: Building immersive digital and on-site experiences.

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Goodbye manual blocking. Hello full automations.

Managing your capacity can be cumbersome. Use vivenu to set up contingents and manage access rights for your shops. And to ensure your venue will be at capacity for your event, we have made it incredibly intuitive to reserve, invite, and send out free tickets to your guests, so they can enjoy the flexibility they deserve.

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Powerful Dashboards

Get full access to your shops in seconds

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Supercharged Operations

Boost your efficiency by becoming self-empowered

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Contingent Management

Manage your contingents with ease

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Customer Management

Drive data-based fan engagement

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Pioneering Seatmaps

Excel in Real-time Seating

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How do you manage your contingents without creating manual overheads?

Stop wasting valuable time on manually blocking contingents, handling sponsor and VIP tickets or managing your guest list. The vivenu platform lets you do it all efficiently on one platform. Contact our sales team today to learn more.