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From industry symposiums to corporate summits, let your ticketing platform do the heavy lifting – with our scalable solution that lets you connect all the tools you need and an API that allows you build exactly what you want.

Turn ticketing into a competitive advantage

Building a winning conference experience for your attendees used to be a slog: You needed to painstakingly integrate your ticketing with all your other systems, beg account management for customizations, and had little control over shopping carts, booking streaks, and all the other things that made a difference.

In other words: Ticketing was a bit of an annoyance, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Ticketing that is fun
and convinces customers

Fully customizable

vivenu lets you build truly immersive branded ticket shops – with a powerful editor to customize every aspect of the experience to be in sync with your color scheme, tone of voice, and aesthetics.

Put your guests first

With an increasing number of guests, organizing contingents and selling different packages becomes ever more difficult – we not only enable you to tidy up the mess, but make it as simple as never before.


Never worry about integrations again, with our APIs – simply connect your badge, application management, and workshop tools.

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Never worry about integrations again, with our APIs – simply connect your badge, application management, and workshop tools.

Customized checkout flows

Connect with attendees and serve their needs – with an easy and fully customizable checkout flow that looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

Price and contingent management

Complex discount campaigns, special conditions for sponsors and friends? No sweat. Set them up in minutes with our easily-configurable platform.

Omni-channel sales

Sell your tickets wherever your customers are – the vivenu platform makes it seamless to create and manage your contingents, no matter the channel.


Go global with built-in multi-language support and the ability to build geography-specific experiences.

Become the innovation front runner

Don't let your competitors win on better experiences – level up your processes and crush expectations.

Build fully immersive, all-on-one experiences for your guests

With our ticketing platform, you can already do a lot more than with other products in the market. With the vivenu API, we enable you to go even further – and build a solution that is tailored specifically to the conferencing industry, a true one-of-one. With powerful data integrations, ticketing is just the starting point: provide a seamless digital experience that will make your guests feel safe, welcome, and taken care of.

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We connect your data so you can focus on connecting people

Your job is stressful enough. Let us remove the ticketing burden. Level up your ticketing today and speak with one of our experts about how you can build truly immersive and connected ticketing experiences.